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It's always a fun time for a Children's Story Read by Moe Train, a proud daddy whose children love story time! Listen to classics like Rapunzel, The Story of Ferdinand, Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein and other children’s favorites! This beautifully produced podcast is complete with stories and music that will stimulate the imagination of children and adults alike! Whether listening in the car, during bedtime, or just getting a break from screen time, these stories and poems will take you to a far away place full of fun and imagination. Always remember that you are special... and you are loved!

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Wednesday Jul 01, 2020

"Are You My Mother?" by P.D. Eastman (A Dr. Seuss Book) was named one of "Teachers' Top 100 Books for Children," as well as "Top 100 Picture Books" of all time, and we're bringing it to you on Children's Stories Read By Moe Train!   Our family has loved this book for years, and we can't wait for you to hear us read it to you!  Always remember... That YOU are special, and YOU are loved!

Saturday Jun 27, 2020

It's a dog day for stories here on Children's Stories Read By Moe Train with Go Dog Go By P.D. Eastman (Edited By Dr. Seuss)!  This classic story written way back in 1961 has been a favorite with families for years and years!  Who doesn't like a story with silly hats, racing dogs and dog parties?! Always remember... That YOU are special... and YOU are loved!

Tuesday May 26, 2020

Are you ready for a classic children's story?  This episode brings you Disney's version of Rapunzel!  Moms, Dads and children know this famous story of glorious long hair, and beautiful Rapunzel who is kept in a tower by a mean witch! Harper, Gage and Moe Train hope this story gives both children and parents a much needed escape from reality, and sets them on an adventure full of love, excitement and happiness!

Monday May 25, 2020

Do you love the beach?  Is playing in the water and building sand castles your idea of a great day?  Did you say yes?  You'll love Sea. Sand. Me. by Patricia Hubbell!  This fun children's book, which is set to relaxing reggae music and sounds of the ocean, will transport you to great memories of your favorite beach! Always remember that you are special... and you are loved.

Friday Nov 09, 2018

Hey Kids!  Today's storytime has a very special guest, Moe Train's 3 year old son, Gage (aka Gagey).  One of Gage's all time favorite stories is Ferdinand, so we had to share it with all of you out in Listening Land!  This famous story of a kind and gentle bull has been told for years, and today, we bring it to Children's Stories: Read By Moe Train. 

Friday Nov 09, 2018

Hey kids (parents, and authors)!  Do you want your story read on Children's Stories: Read By Moe Train?  Send Moe Train, Harper and Gage the title and author of your favorite book to!  We're always looking for fun, new stories to read on the podcast! Have a listen to what Harper Stella has to say! --------- "Always remember that you are special... and you are loved!"

Tuesday Oct 30, 2018

It's a very special story time here on Children's Stories: Read By Moe Train... Because this show is read by Moe Train's 5 year old daughter Harper Stella!  Harper has decided to read A Big Day For A Little Princess By Ellie Wharton to all of you out in listening land!  This story is one of Harper's favorites, and she can't wait for you to listen!  Don't forget to subscribe to the show, and please leave us a comment!

Tuesday Oct 30, 2018

HI KIDS!  Welcome to the first episode of Children's Stories: Read By Moe Train!  Listen to Moe Train read the story of Disney's Frozen: Best Friends which is one of Harper Stella's favorite stories! Be sure to listen to the next podcast where HARPER STELLA reads you one of her favorite stories: A Big Day For a Little Princess by Ellie Wharton!  Don't forget to subscribe and tell your friends!

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